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Your Landscape Specialist

To provide the best quality products and services combined with relentless follow-up communication for a beautiful residence landscape.

Turf Technologies is a turf and ornamental company that offers complete turf, ornamental, and tree fertilization, as well as weed control and fungus treatment. We offer an integrated turf and ornamental management program, tree services, specialized irrigation services, premium mulch’s and edged straw as well as a design service specialist.

Lawn & Ornamental Tip

To ensure a screaming green and healthy lawn, don’t mow too low and stay on top of routine maintenance and watering. Water deeply three times a week. When mowing aim to take no more than a third of the grass blade off each cut. When it rains, shut irrigation off to avoid overwatering and excess consumption.



The Bermuda turf season really begins in September. It is crucial to lay down a pre-emergent for the fall and winter to prevent weeds. Winter is a good time to adjust pH which enables plants to access more nutrients, by applying a lime application to correct acidity. We follow through with spot treatments over the late winter for stubborn weeds. Spring is time for a second round of pre-emergence for the summer weeds. By applying the fall and spring treatments you can prevent most weeds from germinating all year. During the summer we pound the turf with two rounds of fertilizer and treat for any stubborn broadleaf and grassy weeds.


We offer a weed prevention and fertilization program for all seasons of the residence bedding plants and trees. No more hand pulling and frustrating weekend bed work. Let us take this chore off your hands.


We can set your system up for spring, evaluate and adjust, as well as program a conservative run cycle so you don’t waste water. We can identify weak areas and suggest ways to improve the irrigation system’s efficiency. We offer remote systems where you can control, shut on and off and adjust your system remotely from your phone. During the summer months, we can readjust and check heads as turf demand increases. At the end of the season, we can winterize and turn all systems off.

Design & Build 

We have a team of Landscape designers and estimators who can create images and estimates for all manner of residential landscapes. We can do simple new shrub and tree designs and install hardscapes, rock steps, slope retaining walls, and patios.

Straw & Mulch

Turf Technologies has a straw and mulch resource that can beautify and finish your residence with HOA certified mulch and top-grade Pine Straw. Our suppliers are local and have a solid track record of dependability, quality, and professionalism.

Tree Service

We have aligned with a top-notch tree group to offer tree removal and stump grinding services, tree clearance, and canopy crown and elevation services. are local and have a solid track record of dependability, quality, and professionalism.

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