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Turf and shrubs are dormant for six months of the year in the cool months of the year. They don’t actively grow until late March. You cannot place a weed barrier down at the same time you place new sod and plants. Weed barriers or chemicals can only be applied to the landscape after it is at least six to eight weeks established after install. New landscape sod and plants cannot have a weed barrier put down between October through March because the plants won’t have actively established until Spring.

Plants and sod need lots of water, organic matter, and fertilizer, as well as a chemical correction to the clay, to become healthy. It takes a full twelve-month season to correct a newly established landscape.

We offer a comprehensive treatment program for your entire lawn, with a free round of fertilizer for you and any referrals included in your annual program.

We also offer irrigation installation and repairs and can quote premium pine straw installation for batch install for the residents.

Send us an email or give us a call, we are ready to help make your landscape dreams a reality!


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