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About Us

Turf Technologies

We are a turf and ornamental company that offers complete turf, tree, and ornamental shrub and bed weed control and fertilization. We offer a range of additional services including fungicide and mole treatments programs, root injections for trees and shrubs. We can help with irrigation setups, evaluations, upgrades, and repairs.

We live locally in Paulding County and take pride and ownership within the community and want only the best for our customers. We want the same results we expect for our home as for yours.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Turf Technologies evaluated my yard and treated it to make it more uniform and eradicate stubborn mixes of grass and weeds. I don’t understand what some of these companies are doing because weeds were still present and the turf didn’t look vibrant and healthy – the problem is fixed


Rating: 5 out of 5.

We were having issues with our irrigation system and Turf Technologies evaluated it and recommended the addition of additional zones to our backyard. The work was efficient and quick and now we have all our turf and shrub zones split so we have the correct water for each plant group


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I called Turf Technologies to install pine straw for an event at my house. The crew arrived on schedule and were quick, professional and thorough. I’m definitely using their services again


Our routine service (every 7 weeks) includes weed control and pest protection. Our shrub and beds program protects your trees, plants and shrubs from fungus and weeds. We assess the condition, apply only the treatments you need, and pretreat to prevent seasonal problems before they occur. We also include in this program the pH and soil balancing nutrients to make sure the turf can access the nutrients in our acidic Georgia clay. 

We have a design and build department for hardscapes, plantings as well as straw and mulch services. We are aligned with the best product vendors in the SE and offer a range of products that will ensure a green, vigorous, and weed-free residence. This includes some premium product lines for the competitive nature in you to get quicker results and even deeper green and vigor from your landscape.